Francis Trach

Step Into Your Highest Expression

My name is Francis , and am here to help you develop into the person that you've always wanted to be. I believe that we are naturally beings that transform in all the areas of our life that we're excited to grow and develop in , but because of some belief system that we've adopted along the way in our life , we decided that we are not allowed to grow in that area .

I believe that if we repress these desires , and repress the person that we want to become, and embody , what happens is that we start to create a dysfunction within ourselves, and energetically we start to attack and hurt ourselves, and usually we hurt others around us as well, convincing ourselves that we are being noble beings .

I used to be the kind of person that was extremely addicted to things , I would have a terrible relationship with my self and the people around me , and create dys function for my self and others .

This is not the type of person that I am anymore .

I honour my space ,

And I honour the people around me ,

And I honour all of the areas that my Heart wants to grow and develop ,

And I always seek out the necessary resources , tools, and people , to help me align with that version of my self that I want to become .

The biggest thing that I like to focus on in my coaching when working with someone ,

Is something very important ,

Which in my personal opinion ,

A lot of people do not put enough significance and importance on ,

Which is :


What is embodiment ?

Embodiment ,

Is simply put ,

Allowing yourself

To become the person that you've wanted to be .

Dropping all of the guilt, shame, and resistance associated with wanting to go in a certain direction ,

Removing what is taking away from your capacity to step into that role ,

And fully

And powerfully

Becoming the person that you've always wanted to be,

If you want to step into some new version of yourself

And you know who that person is

Or perhaps you just need guidance on how to get started with going in the direction

Of your True Desires

I am absolutely the person to work with ,

I will give you my full capacity

And fully assist you ,

And give you everything that I have

All the Wisdom I've learned along my journey

To help you become the person that you want to be ,

I will give you 100% commitment of my time and energy to become the person that you want to be ,

I just ask that you give me 100% back .

If you're interested in working with me or connecting with me ,


Here are all of the ways to do that below :

1.  Long - term coaching

2.  E - mail coaching

3.  Single sessions

If you have any questions about all the services and the level of support you will receive ,

Don't hesitate to reach out me to directly ,

And send me an e-mail at

Enjoy the rest of your day ,

And I am looking forward to connecting with you



      -      Francis



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