1-On-1 Awareness Coaching with
Francis Trach

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Shift Your Awareness

True inner peace and fulfillment comes from connecting you deeply to the present moment.

Using this awareness will also allow you to become a conscious creator of your reality.

I will help you to connect to the Truth of who you really are beyond the ego, and help you get your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health in balance.


Connect To Who You Really Are

Connect you to the Truth of who you are beyond the conditioning of your mind, where being on a high vibration is your natural state.

Develop High Levels Of Awareness

High levels of awareness that will give you true control of your limitations and the unconscious parts of you.

Internal Alignment

Align yourself internally with the present moment, so that you can see create the external life that you desire and live your true life purpose.

Inner Peace

Develop true inner peace that can be accessed at any moment regardless of the external circumstances, and use this inner peace to fuel your vision.


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